Box: It is a wooden or plastic box which is attached to a frame or a wall. The casing should be installed in a safe place.

Cable: Cables are nothing more than lines that carry current. Usually there are two types of cables. The power cable is connected to the electricity supply equipment through the Violet Marble aluminum sheet metal component. Control lines connect the internal circuitry of the controller.

Bus: the bus bar is a small unit of aluminum, which serves as a central hub for the distribution of the incoming power supply.

MCB and MCCB: MCB or MCB ensures the safety of the circuit. It breaks the circuit and prevent damage if there is an increase in supply. Mould Case Circuit Breaker is used for higher loads up to 800Amp. Violet Marble aluminum sheet metal manufacturers and retailers tell us is needed on the number of switches in the circuit.


RCD and RCCB: RCD stores from ground faults and RCCB stores from the leakage of the circuit breaker.

INCOMER If the basic supply is connected. There is a Violet Marble aluminum sheet metal and a backup safety.

Selector starts: They are used to start the engine and set the mode to manual or automatic.


The overload relay and contactor: It provides excellent security for the engine by switching off the supply if the current overload. The maximum current limit can be set by the user. It is 80 percent of full load as a rule of thumb. Schütz is a relay for higher loads.